PXG Loft & Lie Machines – Custom Golf Fitting Process

Published: 11/22/2017

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Video Transcript

Good morning my name is Eric Johnson. I’m the lead master fitter here at PXG headquarters. Today we’re going to be talking about the loft of my machines for both irons as well as a lot to my machine for putters. Okay, so we’ll start here with the loft and lie machine for irons. This was built for us by cool clubs specifically, what we have here is we have both an analogue reader as well as a digital reader. So we go off of both in order it really allows us to do is customize each iron for the individual fitting. So during the fitting will be on a loft and lie board and we will actually adjust the club right in the middle of the fitting so if we determine that a player needs a one up or two up or a one flat or two flat. We’ll go back here and adjust the club during the fit. So all we have to do if we’re gonna maybe go a little flat for a player, is right here I’ve got them in there very neutral, all I am going to do is bend it a little bit flat. What the reading tells me? Make sure it’s where I want the club for that player.

Okay if we’re gonna bend it a little bit up right, our metal is very soft so you don’t have to tweak it very much for it to move a certain amount of degrees. Okay so there all I did was I moved it one degree up from our standard. If we’re going to adjust a lot, we’re gonna want to keep the bending bar in line with the shaft. So we don’t change the lie angle off to the club. So that right there got that little bit of movement got me about a degree and a half in loft change. Okay so what that really allows us to customize the club right in the middle of the fitting it’s a pretty cool technique that we use for the fitting to show players that we can adjust it on the fly like this. Okay so here we are with our putter loft and lie bending machine okay. What this tells us is this tells us what the actual loft? Am I the putter is our standard on all of our putters, is going to be 70-degree line angle and a four degrees of loft. Okay so right here were at standard and it’s just gonna be the same thing as the honors. Since the putter since the metal in the putter is very soft, it takes very little movement to change okay.

So we’re gonna bend it just a little bit flat here and I want to make sure to keep the bending bar in line with the shaft so they don’t adjust the loft at the same time. Okay so now I just went a hair flat on the club, here we’re at 69 degrees and I kept it at the four degrees of loft. If I want to change the loft at all I would just come at it from the backside instead or from the front side and set it from the sides to adjust the lie angle. And we do this for every one of our putter fittings we use our quantic cutting lab over here and we’ll bend it right in the middle of this we see a player who maybe has a little bit too much loft, it will take a little bit of loft out of it because we’re launching it too high, and that’s it.

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