Published: 11/22/2017

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Video Transcript

Mike Nicolette:  Hi I’m Mike Nicolette, this is Caleb Kroloff we are both design engineers here at PXG. And today we’re going to talk a little bit about moment of inertia, perimeter weighting or the forgiveness of a golf club and why PXG clubs are extremely forgiving.

Caleb Kroloff:  So, whenever we’re talking about moment of inertia, we’re talking about the forgiveness basically resistance to twisting. So when you hit an off-center shot that clubs going to want to stay straighter with a club with higher moment of inertia. The way we achieve that is basically premier weighting. Getting more weight to the perimeter farther away from center of gravity is we create a higher moment of inertia and produce more forgiveness on off-center hits.

Mike Nicolette:  Great, and what I’d like to show you and what is unique about PXG clubs is that we have the thinnest face in the industry. And what that allows us to do is take the mass out of the face and put it around the perimeter of the golf club. And as we displace the mass further from the center of gravity we increase the moment of inertia or the forgiveness. So, as you can see around the perimeter of the head are heavy tungsten weights. And we hollow out the inside of our golf club removing a lot of mass and so we have strategically positioned mass which gives us an extremely forgiving golf club.

Caleb Kroloff:  One significant thing about this design as well you can see there are several small weights, around the perimeter. So that creates that perimeter weighting but it also allows us to make adjustments. So each of these weights on the perimeter is tungsten or we also have titanium options. So that allows us throughout the fitting process to dial those in by going up and down weight, in small increments over a pretty large range. And that allows us to fit the same clubs for junior players up to PGA Tour players and dial it into a really tight tolerance. So we can make sure that whatever you hit on the range is exactly what you get in your final product.

Mike Nicolette:  Great, so I hope this helps you guys understand moment of inertia a little bit more and if you have an opportunity to get out and try some PXG clubs, I know that you’re going to love them.

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