Published: 05/27/2021

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Video Transcript

Okay, so let’s talk about the 4-iron versus hybrid debate. Both of these clubs go about 190 yards for me, so it’s really about the conditions on the course and what’s happening that day.

If it’s super windy, I might want to use the 4-iron so I can keep it low and under the wind. Maybe there’s less rough on the course, and so this one’s so easy to hit out of the rough so if there is a lot of rough, I’ll tend to take the hybrid. This one goes so high, so it’s great for hitting into greens.

The crazy thing about the GEN4 4-iron is that I used to have a bit of a gap between my 22-degree hybrid and 4-iron, about 10 yards, so I would have to cut my 22-degree when I wanted to hit 180 yards. But now that I have the GEN4 4-iron, it goes 10 yards further, so I’ve eliminated that gap, which is wonderful.

When I stopped playing every day, I went to the hybrid. I just feel like I can hit it a lot higher. It’s a little bit more forgiving for me, and I tend to play courses with a lot of rough and I play long courses, so I’m hitting a lot of long shots into greens, and so I love how high and soft this lands.

I carry two hybrids, a 22-degree, which basically replaces my 4-iron, and a 19-degree, which would my replacing my 3-iron or 5-wood.

My swinging thoughts when I have a hybrid is to stay really still. It’s a longer of a club, so more can go wrong, so I feel like if I just keep my head still and make a smooth swing, it tends to work out.

So, basically you can’t go wrong, PXG 4-iron or hybrid. They both have amazing playability!

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