Can Golfers with Higher Handicaps Master Chip Shots? Yes! Learn How in Two Simple Tips

Published: 02/16/2022

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PXG provides leading-edge golf equipment that is entirely customizable and suitable for golfers of all skills. Whether you are beginner or seasoned professional, PXG has made it possible for anyone to enjoy the game of golf. We asked LPGA Tour Pros Mina Harigae and Katherine Kirk to walk us through simple chipping techniques that can help improve a high handicappers’ short game.

What are Mina and Katherine Gaming:

When Founder and Owner Bob Parsons tasked our engineers with creating a wedge that would outperform our current Sugar Daddy Wedge, he knew it was no easy feat. But boy, did they deliver!

PXG Sugar Daddy II Wedges are 100% CNC milled to perfect every surface and curve for outstanding consistency. With two sole options that offer the ideal bounce for any turf condition and full face grooves that expand the hitting area, these babies take workability and control to a whole new level. Hands down, these are the most precise wedges money can buy.

Chip Shot Tips from The Pros:

Tip #1:

Go with your instinct! Many high-handicap players believe that they need to pull off the “hero” shot around the greens. Not only does that set players up for a possible worse second shot, but it also increases their chances of a higher score. As mentioned by LPGA Tour Pro Katherine Kirk, using a standard set up and regular pitch shot can easily save you strokes out on the golf course. Learning how the ball reacts off the club face and the spin generated each time will help players develop an accurate sense on where to land the ball for chip shots.

Tip #2:

Keep it low and let it roll. The bump-and-run play has stood the test of time for all golfers (even on Tour). Katherine Kirk mentioned an important part of learning to improve your short game, “learn to hit the high percentage shots.” We all are fans of seeing the high chip shots that take one bounce and stop on a dime, but that does not mean it’s the best shot to hit every time around the greens. A simple bump-and-run chip shot can easily take away unnecessary trouble and allow you to get closer to the pin.

Bonus Tip – How to Address a Bump-and-Run Chip Shot in 3 Simple Steps

  1. Place the ball towards the back of your stance.
  2. Lean the club forward (this decreases the trajectory of the wedge).
  3. Use your same chipping motion as you would in any other shot.

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