Published: 11/22/2017

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In this video learn about PXG driver adjustments for loft, lie and draw.


Hi everyone, my name is Caleb Kroloff. I’m a design engineer here at PXG. I’m here to talk to you today a little bit about the 0811 and the weight configuration that we have. So here I’m holding our standard 0811 driver. As you can see there are 16 weights, 10 of those the black ones are titanium and the six are a heavier tungsten. What that allows us to do is move around that weight into multiple different settings and really dial in exactly what each player needs. So over here I have some other settings set up.

So here’s our heel-weighted setting and what that allows us to do is help the golfer, turn the ball over to someone who struggles to draw, really is afraid of hitting that slice and the other end of the spectrum we also can put the weight on the toe, which does the opposite for someone who tends to draw the ball and can really help them to hit fade that’s what they want to see. Can also the way to the back for a higher launch or forward very lower spin lower launch. So that adjustability really allows us to dial it in and get exactly what the player needs. 


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