Gunboat H

Published: 11/06/2018

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Video Transcript

 All right my name is Mike Nicolette. I’m a senior design engineer here at PXG and joining me today is Caleb Kroloff. Caleb is one of our design engineers who has recently been reassigned to our fitting sciences. So, we’re going to talk to you for just a moment about the Gunboat H which is a new offering for PXG and how it is different from our Gunboat model. So basically, the difference is going to be the hosel on the golf club. So, if we look at it in the face position, they’re both shafted, as you can see in about the same position. The difference being is the bend in the shaft right here.

So, the H has a much lower bend point, and so what that means is that the axis of the shaft is going to be pointing right in this direction. Okay, so you can see it’s probably just slightly in front of that heel screw. Now if we look at that the original Gunboat, the axis of the shaft is basically going to be pointing right through the center of gravity of the head. Now what that means is, if we were to take these putters and balance them and just let them hang freely, really what’s happening is the axis of the shaft is bisecting the weight of the club head on this model.

So then you have equal amounts of mass on the toe and the heel. So it balances face up. If we looked at the Gunboat H .You can see where the axis of the shaft is going in a position such that there’s more mass on the toe side of the golf club, which is going to allow it to balance in this fashion. Now what that does for a golfer is that if you are a player has a lot of rotation in your stroke or tends to pull some of your putts, especially under pressure, then the Gunboat H is probably going to be a more preferred model for you. If you have a more straight back and straight through type of stroke this model right here would probably be more preferred as far as the fitting is concerned. So, if you want to jump in there and say some more about fitting.

Caleb: Oh yeah. So basically when we’re looking at fitting we’re kind of looking at your stroke and what you’re doing what side of the hole you tend to miss on, to really protect against that makes you feel comfortable. Okay, so having these two options really allows us to get more players and really give everyone into a putter that fits them correctly.

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