Published: 06/20/2021

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Video Transcript

Hey guys, Christina Ricci, PXG National Staff member. If you want more pars but you’re pulling your shots and you can’t figure out why, the first thing to ask yourself, have you been fitted for your golf clubs?

All right, so I have PXG clubs, I was fitted, I love these clubs. My old clubs I was pulling my shots and I couldn’t figure out why, it felt like I was doing everything right, but I was pulling it. And then I found out when I got fitted by a PXG Fitting Specialist, who comes right to your club, I found out that my clubs were too upright for my swing.

So, you’re the target, this represents the ground. When I come in, my handle’s real low, so that was sending the toe up. The club face was closing, so I was pulling all my shots because my clubs were too upright for my swing.

When I come into the shot my handle is low, I like a low handle. So, if these clubs aren’t fitted for me, that toe is going to be off the ground and that club is going to be pointing left, so I’m most likely going to pull it.

If you come in and your angle isn’t correct and you have high hands, and I’d say the clubs too flat for you, your ball’s going to go to the right.

Ideally, we want to come in where that club face is on the ground, square. And then it compliments your shaft angle and the way you like to swing.

Say your balls are always going right and you can’t figure out why, well maybe because your clubs are too flat. In my case, I needed four degrees flat, and I had no idea until I was really properly fitted. You can see this divot was great, look how square that is, so my clubs are perfect for me. This was an old divot, this is the one I just hit, so that is a great divot right in line with the target line. So, these clubs, my little PXG irons that I love, are fitted for me. So, make sure that you’re fitted!

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