Published: 07/02/2021

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PXG Brand Ambassador, Alex Riggs, takes a dive into the new Battle Ready mallet collection and shares his thoughts on the new design, weighting, face pattern, and overall sexiness of each model.

PXG’s NEW Battle Ready Putters come in all shapes and sizes to help you become a putting machine. We did not hold back on our new mallet putter collection with new tungsten weighting placement, pyramid milling for the face, and alignment aids that will keep your ball on line and into the bottom of the cup.

Video Transcript

Alex Riggs:
Hello. My name is Alex Riggs, and today I’ve got three of the new Battle Ready Putters. This one here is the Gunboat; this is the Bat Attack, and the Blackbird. These are three of the new mallets in the Battle Ready Collection, and let’s dive into what they’re all about.

Alex Riggs:
With the new Battle Ready Putter collection what you can expect to see is a bit of a color contour here. Now the lighter colored metal is tungsten, and what they’ve done with that tungsten is placed it in such a way, being a heavier metal, further back on the putter head to make the putter head more stable. All of us mishit the putter from time to time, more stability means more consistent roll and better distance control. Another feature that we’re going to see is this pyramid milling on the face. Now that gives us a tremendously soft feel and also a consistent roll with that golf ball. So what we’re going to gain with this putter lineup, again, is that consistency with the forgiveness of the MOI, as well as that new face design to improve the roll.

Alex Riggs:
Looking at this Gunboat addition here, what we’ll notice is the consistency throughout this Battle Ready Collection in the weight. The weight is adjustable in the fitting process. And afterwards, if you are looking to change the feel of the putter head, make it a little lighter, a little heavier, we do have weight kits that can allow you to do that. Another shared characteristic is going to be the alignment aids – very, very vivid alignment aids, especially in these mallets, to really help us keep that ball online. With this Gunboat we noticed a slightly thicker line than the rest of the options in the Battle Ready Collection. We also noticed that the tungsten and how they’ve got that shape really does help create a nice guide to get us online to the hole.

Alex Riggs:
The Gunboat and the Bat Attack were in previous generations, but this Blackbird is a new design head. Now this one, first look for me today, the geometry is very, very nice to see; it’s very solid. I like how the lines again all get us going to that target line. This is all about alignment and forgiveness when we’re working with these mallet shapes. Very vivid start line aim line in that white color, so the contrast of black to white really does catch the eye, and we’ve got four weight ports in this Blackbird. So from a fitting standpoint, and really looking to dial in the head weight that you’re looking for, you get a few more options as you do work with this Blackbird head design. Now it’s got a slightly smaller heel-to-toe profile but definitely a very solid look at address.

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