Published: 11/04/2021

Categories: Videos, PXG Clubs

Ever wonder how PXG builders create the best iron and wedges in golf? We visited the PXG Tour Truck and talked with our builders to get an inside look on what it takes to create custom golf clubs.

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Video Transcript

So we’ve got our wedges here. This is going to be what our players change the most often because they’re trying to make sure they have those fresh grooves every single time they go out so they can get that spin they need on those approach shots so that they can score low.

This wedge I’m actually going to work on for Wyndham Clark. He likes to have a little bit less bounce and a little sharper leading edge. And this is where I get to really work my artistry because he can definitely tell the difference between maybe one to two degrees, angle, and bounce. And, we have to have this thing perfect, so when he goes out there, he gets that turf interaction that he needs so that we can make sure he’s at the top of his game.

And, we also want to make sure that the sole width is appropriate for the shots that he wants to hit. You don’t want to make it too round because then you’re only getting one center point of contact.

You want to make sure that it’s versatile for all shots, pitch shots, chip shots, and full shots. So I’m going to measure that right here. And we’re perfect. No gaps means that I’m right where I need to be. And this is the finished wedge for Wyndham Clark.

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