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PXG embodies the belief that every new product – from golf clubs to apparel – should be markedly better. Every innovation should improve your performance. And every moment of impact should elevate your enjoyment.

To help you achieve your on course goals, we are pleased and proud to serve you through PXG locations across the country! Simply select the PXG location near you for details on booking your PXG club fitting. And, in those areas where in-person fittings are currently unavailable or if you would prefer to connect by phone, our Fitting Specialists are on standby. Please contact Player Support at 1.844.PLAY.PXG to schedule an appointment.

What Customers Are Saying About The PXG Fitting Experience

"I got my PXG fitting and dropped 7 strokes off my score. Get fit, get the best clubs, and have more fun!"

-Matt Manlandro

"The best thing to do is visit a PXG Fitting location. Getting fitted for the clubs that fit you and your budget is the best thing to do for your confidence and your game. These are my clubs and they feel like it with every swing."

-Scott MacMeans

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Terradyne Country Club

36.9  Miles  Away
1400 Terradyne Dr Andover, KS 67002-7939
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