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매끈한 블레이드 외형과 관용성이 높은 캐비티 백 아이언과 같은 PXG의 단조 골프 아이언의 두 세대를 소개합니다. 품질 높은 합금으로 만들고 정교한 제조공정을 거쳐 각각의 모델은 뛰어난 비거리와 정확성 및 아주 부드러운 타격감을 선사합니다.

0211Priced from $195 per club

Progressive Set Design

  • High-performance, cast irons
  • Groundbreaking COR2 Technology
  • The industry’s thinnest clubface
  • Innovative progressive set design

PXG 0211 Irons not only feel amazing, they deliver outstanding performance - performance previously unheard of in a cast club.

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0311 GEN2Priced from $400 per club

PXG 0311 T, PXG 0311 P, PXG 0311 XF, PXG 0311 SGI

PXG 0311 GEN2 Irons are the result of PXG’s relentless drive to improve performance through innovations in materials, technology, and complete customization. Each iron features a forged 8620 soft carbon steel body, groundbreaking COR2 Technology, a large functional internal face area, the industry’s thinnest clubface and PXG signature weighting technology. Every element combines to deliver better turf interaction, more distance, accuracy and performance, all with a sleek look and a buttery-soft feel.

With four models - PXG 0311 T (Tour Performance), PXG 0311 P (Players), PXG 0311 XF (Xtreme Forgiveness), PXG 0311 SGI (Super Game Improvement) - PXG has golf club iron sets engineered for players at every level of the game.

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From concept to course, learn more about PXG’s game-changing golf irons.

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