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With three club head models – Tour, Players, and Xtreme Performance – PXG 0311 GEN3 Irons are designed to meet the needs of golfers at every level of the game. Custom built to individual specifications; each club is dialed-in to deliver maximum performance on the golf course.

Club Head Characteristics

Tour Perfor-

0311 T Gen3 Iron

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0311 P Gen3 Iron

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Xtreme Perfor-

0311 XP Gen3 Iron

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Maximum workability and distance control

Ideal balance of playability and forgiveness

Optimized for distance and forgiveness

Skill Level

Designed for highly skilled golfers

Appeals to a wide range of golfers

Ideal for mid- to high-handicap golfers

Blade Length

As the length of the blade increases from heel to toe, the MOI about the CG also increases creating a more forgiving clubhead.

P Iron has a 13% higher MOI than the T Iron

XP Iron has a 10% higher MOI than the P Iron

P Iron has a 13% higher MOI than the T Iron

XP Iron has a 10% higher MOI than the P Iron


As the length of the blade increases from heel to toe, the MOI about the shaft axis also increases, meaning it will take more force to rotate the clubface to square. To counter this effect, the offset of a longer blade must be greater allowing the face to return to square more easily.

Top Rail Thickness

The thickness of the top rail has the optigraphic effect of balancing the proportions of a club head.

Sole Width

As the sole widens, the CG moves deeper in the club head creating more dynamic loft and a higher launch. A wider sole will increase the playable bounce (all things being equal) making it less likely to dig into the turf.

Important Terms

MOI – Moment of Inertia

Defines the relative difficulty of rotating an object based on its mass and pivot point. In golf, MOI come most into play on imperfect contact – when the clubface and ball come into contact outside of the sweet spot for the club. The higher the MOI, the greater the resistance to twisting when the club comes into contact with the ball. A high MOI supports improved performance on mishit shots.

CG – Center of Gravity

If you drew a line through all of the different vertical and horizontal balance points of a club, the intersection of all those lines is the center of gravity. CG location directly correlates to flight characteristics such as launch, spin and bias.


The effective bounce of a club is determined mainly by the combination of the angle of the sole relative to the ground and the overall width of the sole. A larger bounce angle and/or wider sole, increases the effective bounce of the club. Bounce is necessary to prevent the club head from digging into the turf. Increasing the effective bounce protects players, especially with steeper attack angles, from the club digging too much and can help significantly improve the results of chunks or fat hits (shots where the club hits the ground prior to impacting the golf ball). Players of higher skill levels and shallower attack angles generally do not need as much bounce on their irons as players with less skill and/or steeper attack angles.

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