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A high-performance, low-spin driving iron with a striking profile that inspires confidence, the 0311X is designed to deliver a more penetrating ball flight, keeping the golf ball out of the wind and in the middle of the fairway.


Optimize your performance with a blended set just like PXG’s touring professionals. PXG 0311X driving irons are designed to augment your bag for a more penetrating ball flight to accommodate tight golf course setups or adverse weather conditions.

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Available in Xtreme Dark

The Xtreme Dark finish features a diamond-like carbon (DLC) coating that increases the surface hardness and wear resistance of the finish. Most commonly used in fuel injection systems, on drill bits and prosthetics, the Xtreme Dark finish is the first application of black DLC coating technology in golf.

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Line drive to center

The 0311X is a low-spin driving iron that is useful in windy or adverse conditions. It has minimal offset with a low CG. This lowers launch and spin, helping create a more penetrating ball flight.

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The Best Club for the Worst Conditions

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Club Length (inches) Loft Lie Offset Bounce Swing Weight
1 40¾ 15° 59.5° .170 -1° D0
2 40 17° 60° .155 D0
3 39½ 19° 60.5° .140 D0
4 38 21.5° 61° .130 D0
5 38¼ 24° 61.5° .125 D0

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PXG is dedicated to unlocking the potential of existing and new technologies to develop the finest golf clubs on the planet - clubs that perform significantly better than anything else on the market.

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