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PXG GEN3 Forgiveness

Why do we make PXG golf clubs so forgiving? Because forgiveness increases confidence. With more confidence comes more distance, accuracy, lower... more

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Andrew Kegarise : The Right Energy Source For Pitch Shots

DK Kim : Grip A Putter In Your Palm

Nicole Cavarra : Establishing Sequence Of Motion In Your Golf Swing

PXG GEN3 Forgiveness


NEW PXG 0311 GEN3 Irons Are Here!

PXG 0311 GEN3 Irons Technology Preview

PXG Spring Summer 2020 Apparel Sizzle Video

Sound Bites with Darius

PXG Apparel Fall Winter 2019 Look Book

PXG Apparel Fall/Winter 2019 Runway Show

PXG GEN2 Drivers Technology

GEN2 Putters Weighting System

NEW PXG 0811 GEN2 Driver Commercial "Cannons"

NEW PXG 0811 GEN2 Driver Commercial "Speed"

NEW PXG 0811 GEN2 Drivers - Supercharge Your Drive

Bob Parsons’ Marine Corps Birthday & Veterans Day Salute 2018

Joel Kribel: Consistent Setup And Alignment

PXG Pros React to Look & Feel of New PXG 0811 GEN2 Driver

PXG GEN2 Woods - Technology That Performs

PXG Pros React the Performance of New PXG 0811 GEN2 Driver - Pt. 1

PXG Pros React the Performance of New PXG 0811 GEN2 Driver - Pt. 2



The PXG Files - Episode 5

The PXG Files - Episode 4

The PXG Files - Episode 3

GEN2 Irons: Game Changing Performance

PXG Tip Tuesday: The Difference Between Face-Balanced Putters And Putters With Toe-Hang

PXG Tip Tuesday: 0341 Fairway Wood or 0317 Hybrid, Which Is Right For Your Game?

PXG 0311 SGI GEN2 Irons

Take A Tour Of PXG HQ With Billy Horschel

PXG 0311 GEN2 Irons - Better in Every Way

PXG for Heroes


PXG 0311 GEN2 Irons

PXG 0311 GEN2 Irons Technology

Sarah Stone: Creating An Upward Angle Of Attack With Your Driver

Oregon Women's Golf Coach Ria Scott: Putting Is Like Basketball

Billy Horschel: Re-find Your Swing Mid Round

Ben Polland: Proper Putting Speed

Bernie Najar: How To Play Better Wedge Shots Around The Green

Billy Horschel: Pre-round Warmups

Debbie Doniger: Line Drill For Better Contact

The PXG Story

Wyndham Clark: How To Hit A Power Fade

Debbie Doniger: Controlling Dynamic Loft At Impact

The PXG Files - Episode 2

The PXG Files with Bob & Paige - Episode 1

2017 PXG Christmas Target Challenge With Pat Perez and James Hahn

Perfect Fit

Bob Parsons' Marine Corps Birthday & Veterans Day

Black and White



Lucky (Milled Wedges)

PXG 0811XF Driver

PXG 0811X Driver


June Women's Golf Month - Hurdles - Lydia Ko

June Women's Golf Month - Hurdles - Christina Kim

Troy Mullins - My Story

Troy Mullins - WITB

PXG Artillery

Anna Rawson: How to Hit a Deep Fade

Anna Rawson: How to Hit a Power Draw

DK Kim: How to Hit a Checked Wedge Shot

Ben Polland: How to Use Putting Visuals To Sink More Putts

Ben Polland: How to Flush a Fairway Wood

Grant Sturgeon: Hitting a PXG Driving Iron

Grant Sturgeon: How to Shape Your Shots

Grant Sturgeon: Proper Driver Alignment

Debbie Doniger: How to Hit a Hybrid

Oregon Women’s Golf Coach Ria Scott: Execute a High Flop Shot

Oregon Women’s Golf Coach Ria Scott: Improve Your Pitch Shots

SMU Men’s Golf Coach Jason Enloe: Punch Shot Execution

SMU Women’s Golf Coach Jeanne Sutherland: Chipping Tempo

PXG Iron Perimeter Weighting and MOI

How to Adjust a PXG GEN 2 Driver

Gunboat H

PXG 0311, 0311T, and 0311XF Iron Blade Lengths

Loft and Lie Machines – Custom Fitting Process

Perimeter Weighting on 0311 Series Irons

Driver, Fairway Wood and Hybrid Shaft Adapter Settings

PXG 0311, 0311T, and 0311XF Iron Sole Widths

Rapid Prototype 3D Printing

Air Cannon Test – 0317 Hybrid

PXG 2017 Halloween Chipping Challenge

Pat Perez Escaping ‘The Mineshaft’

PXG Mannequin Challenge

Lydia Ko Slow Motion Swing

James Hahn Slow Motion Swing

Christina Kim Slow Motion Swing

Gerina Pillar Slow Motion Swing

Billy Horschel Slow Motion Swing

Zach Johnson Slow Motion Swing

Charl Schwartzel Slow Motion Swing

Ryan Moore Slow Motion Swing

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