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PXG has been shattering expectations since its inception. From the game-changing golf equipment to sport fashion apparel, the company has made its mark on the industry and - not so quietly - become a global phenomenon.

Founded by American entrepreneur Bob Parsons, PXG remains steadfast in his belief that every new product should be noticeably better, every innovation should improve your game, and every moment should be exhilarating. This mindset doesn’t stop with product engineering but informs everything PXG does – including how it puts clubs in the hands of golfers worldwide.


Unlike many golf companies, PXG has maintained a customer-focused, direct-to-consumer sales model, choosing not to partner with big box department stores and focusing on personalized customer service. In a time when more and more companies are leaning heavily on third-party relationships for sales, PXG continues to break the mold.

Why DTC?

Because selling directly to customers avoids the 30 to 40 percent many competitors pay the big golf club resellers. This helps us to offer outstanding equipment at killer prices – allowing golfers to invest more in their game and ensuring each stick has earned the PXG name.

All in all, it’s a complicated and expensive manufacturing process only the strongest can survive. A true testament to the PXG brand.


All equipment is meticulously configured by PXG Master Builders. Once built and personally inspected, each club is packaged and shipped in a premium, black box that makes the experience of receiving PXG products extremely unique and even more exciting.

Many #PXGTroops love the black box unveiling, and it has become a customer highlight.


A post shared by Parsons Xtreme Golf (@pxg)


A post shared by Parsons Xtreme Golf (@pxg)


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The Bottom Line

At the end of the day, we’re obsessed with making the world’s finest, best-performing golf equipment. Simply put, our DTC model allows us to make moves that our competition cannot.

Come Experience the PXG Difference!

Don’t just take our word for it! We cordially invite you to experience the PXG difference at a PXG Fitting Location near you or alternatively you can also give Player Support a call at 1.844.PLAY.PXG to schedule an appointment, learn more about our clubs, and so much more.

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