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Why is MOI important to my game?

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What is MOI and why is it important to know?

An acronym, MOI stands for “moment of inertia.”

MOI is measured in grams per centimeter squared and shows how much resistance a clubhead has to twisting.

The more resistance it has, the higher the MOI reading and, importantly for golfers, the more forgiving the club will play.

Will high MOI help my game?

Choosing a high MOI club is helpful for most golfers.

When you hit an off-center shot, for example, striking the ball off the toe, the club twists, opening the club face and potentially causing loss of distance and a wider pattern of dispersion.

A higher MOI club will also have a more efficient energy transfer on mishits, causing a smaller drop in ball speed on those off-center strikes.

Clubs with a higher MOI deliver a larger sweet spot and more forgiveness meaning you’ll likely find the fairway more often and enjoy the game even more!

How is MOI changed?

MOI is improved by moving weight away from the center of gravity of the club. This helps the clubhead to resist the twist.

PXG introduced patented perimeter weighting technology, firstly in our game changing PXG 0311 GEN1 Irons. We’ve since used this technology across drivers, fairways, hybrids, wedges and putters. Strategically positioning the tungsten alloy weights around the perimeter of the club helps to support optimal launch conditions.

Is there a limit for MOI?

The USGA and R&A have set the MOI limit at 5900 g/cm² for golf clubs.

Is MOI only found in Drivers?

MOI can be measured in all clubs. PXG’s new Battle Ready Putters are fully optimized, high MOI clubs – ideal when you need to close out on the green.

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