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The Technology Inside PXG Apparel

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From innovative weighting systems to unique materials, PXG has always been committed to utilizing cutting-edge technology in golf clubs. The same dedication to performance can be seen in its line of high-end golf apparel.

Many of the pieces in the Spring/Summer Collection feature an Italian fabric, intentionally designed for fashion-forward sportswear, that provides two-way stretch, quick-drying technology, and moisture-wicking functionality. Innovative fiber construction and high-quality, raw materials provide additional shape retention that offers enhanced durability on the course.

PXG’s clubs are all about being bold, blazing a new path in the golf industry, and increasing performance. Its apparel line checks all the same boxes. These golf clothes look great, feel good, and help you play your best.

The Men’s and Women’s Essential Pullover is a great example of PXG’s apparel technology in action.


These features combine to give you functional fashion that will last, allow for maximum comfort, and provide the versatility needed to stand up to wherever the day, or night, might lead. See the full line of golf apparel here.

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