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What is your practice routine? Does your routine change for majors?
Typically, my practice routine for a tournament is very consistent ... especially if it's a golf course I've played in the past. Monday is a travel day and maybe some practice and a workout. Tuesday definitely includes a workout, a range warmup, and usually 9 holes. Wednesday is more short game work and a ProAm. Thursday through Sunday – compete! Major weeks I may try to get to the venue a little earlier if I'm not overly familiar with the course ... the more prep, the more comfortable I can become with the course. 

What part of your game do you enjoy practicing most?
Without a doubt it would be my wedge play and putting. Each aspect can ALWAYS get better. I believe that is what separates those that win and those who don't!

How do you mentally prepare yourself on the tee box with a crowd watching, especially on the first tee?
I mentally embrace it. I truly tell myself to enjoy it! If there is a massive crowd on the 1st tee, or any tee for that matter, I must be doing something right. Obviously the more I am in those situations the more comfortable it becomes. I love the nerves, the jitters, etc. To me, that's why I practice and that's what elite competition is all about!

If you have the lead going into Sunday does your strategy change?
Not really. As my mental coach Dr. Mo Pickens always says, "being in contention doesn't start until the final 4-6 holes!" That being said, I try to keep doing what I've been doing. The reason I have the lead is whatever I've been doing is working.

What is the worst golf tip you were ever given?
I'll never make it with a really strong grip. Now it seems there are more strong grips than weak ones. Times have changed.

What is the best golf tip you were ever given?
Never get too low with the lows, or too high with the highs. This game can change an in instant. Stay the course and try to take emotion out of it.

What performance stat do you pay the most attention to?
Gotta be either stroke gained putting or strokes gained ball striking. Both are great indicators of how you're playing.

What’s your favorite club in the bag?
My 54-degree sand wedge – it's probably the most versatile club I have in the bag. Full shots, chip and runs, out of thick rough, sand shots, low half shots and more.

What’s your least favorite hazard?
Probably sand bunkers in the middle of the fairway ... especially if it's a layup area for a par 5.

For golfers looking to improve their game, how important is being fitted for clubs?
It's not important. It's ESSENTIAL. If improvement, some semblance of consistency, and having fun are priorities, then getting fitted is imperative. Period.

Are there any specific performance indicators that you look for when being fitted for new golf clubs?
Definitely, but it depends on the club. 

Wedges – spin control, trajectory and distance control, and bounce effectiveness
Irons – spin, trajectory and distance control
Driver – consistency, forgiveness, distance, sound, and shot making capacity. Aesthetics are important for every club

How do you pass the time during a weather delay?
Usually I'll eat a good bit. After that, I typically go to the workout area to stay loose or maybe even take a quick nap!

Is there one par-3 you've played that stands out as a favorite?
It's got to be #12 at Augusta. It doesn't need to be long to be good or hard!


More Fun Q&A With Zach Johnson

What is your favorite golf movie of all time?

What do you think about when you are alone in your car?
My mind seems to run astray. I'm usually listening to the Message or College Sports Radio.

What song(s) best describes/suits your golf game?
Well, popular in our household right now with a 3-year-old daughter and fitting for golf ... “LET IT GO” from the movie Frozen.

What is your go to song in the shower?
Anything ACDC!

If you were going to have PXG founder Bob Parsons over for dinner, what would you
Iowa pork chops with Iowa sweet corn! He used to live in my home state so he knows what Iowa food is all about!

Star Wars or Star Trek? Why?
Star Wars. Because I am a Jedi.

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