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PXG turns a wish for golf clubs into an incredible Xperience

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Make a Wish Kid Sam Gullion and his Grandfather playing golf at Scottsdale National

Make-A-Wish is a national nonprofit organization dedicated to granting life-changing wishes to children with critical illnesses. The Arizona Chapter is also a long-time grant partner for our sister company, The Bob & Renee Parsons Foundation. So, when we heard about a wish kid with lofty golf aspirations, PXG was happy to jump into action.

“Make-A-Wish is about so much more than granting wishes, it’s about bringing the healing power of hope to some very special kids.” ~ Renee Parsons, President & Executive Creative Director of PXG Apparel

Wish Kid Sam was born with a rare, congenital medical condition, Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome. In a nutshell, the left side of his heart is critically underdeveloped, and he has undergone several surgeries, the first of which when he was only five days old. Sam has been a fighter throughout his medical journey and is now 18 and attending college.

A Family Tradition of Golf

Sam’s grandfather taught him to play golf when he was young, and over the years Sam has grown to love the game. His own father played on the PGA TOUR and a love for the game runs in the family.


“When I play golf, it’s a level playing field; I don’t feel physically inferior to anyone on the golf course. Golf helped me realize that even though I’ve got physical limitations I can still excel at a sport, and that really is what I love about it. It makes me feel good about myself.” ~ Sam

Make a Wish Kid Sam Gullion and his Grandfather at PXG Scottsdale

As a child battling a long-term, critical illness, Sam became a Wish candidate and pre-COVID had been working with his local  Make-A-Wish Chapter to play a round of golf with his grandfather at Augusta National. Unfortunately, that experience was cancelled due to the pandemic. His second wish? To get fit for a set PXG clubs. Thanks to a personal relationship Sam’s family had with one of our Territory Sales Leaders, the request came to our attention and the team was happy to help and jumped into action to ensure Sam received an incredible experience.

Make a Wish Kid Sam Gullion hitting a GEN4 driver in a hitting bay, getting fitted for this PXG clubs

PXG Grants A Wish

“The life-changing hope and excitement that a child experiences when a wish is granted is more important now than ever.” ~ Bob Parsons, Founder & CEO of PXG

Coordinating with the Make-A-Wish Texas Gulf Coast & Louisiana Chapter, a personalized PXG Club fitting was set up for Sam at our Texas hub, The Club at Carlton Woods. An excellent partner, Carlton Woods rolled out the red carpet for Sam and even opened a range specifically for his private experience. As with every PXG experience, our goal is to help golfers of every age and skill level find more enjoyment in the game by optimizing their equipment, without having to disrupt their natural swing.

During the nearly two-hour session with Sam, two of our PXG Fitting Specialists used TrackMan technology to monitor data including swing speed, ball speed, trajectory, and spin. The fitting specialists evaluated Sam’s launch data and swing tendencies to find his ideal club configuration. Making the experience even more special, Sam’s grandfather made a surprise visit to be a part of his special day.

Ultimately, Sam was fit into a set of GEN4s and the club build was expedited to get Sam his full bag within two days!

Make a Wish Kid Sam Gullion at PXG headquarters


A Wish Extension: Presented by Bob & Renee Parsons

If you know anything about PXG, or Bob and Renee Parsons, you know that we go BIG, or we go home. True to form, the Parsons decided to enhance the wish in a very big way.

After his fitting, Sam was presented with The Wish Xperience at Scottsdale National Golf Club (SNGC). The wish extension included two days of unlimited golf and an overnight stay in one of the club’s luxury villas. Located in Scottsdale, Arizona, SNGC is one of the most exclusive, private golf clubs in the country and boasts 45 holes of incredible golf and world-class amenities. Through The Wish Xperience at SNGC – and a VIP arrival reception – the Parsons and PXG family truly made Sam’s Wish a once-in-a-lifetime event.

ake a Wish Kid Sam Gullion at PXG Scottsdale


What’s In Sam’s Bag:


Welcome to the PXG Troops Sam!

Make a Wish Kid Sam Gullion, First Responsders, Military personel and PXG employees outside PXG headquarters
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