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PXG Signs Professional Golfer And Social Media Sensation Paige Spiranac

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PXG, the groundbreaking golf equipment company established by American entrepreneur and golf aficionado Bob Parsons, today announced that it has signed golf influencer Paige Spiranac as a brand ambassador.

Spiranac played collegiate golf at San Diego State University. After graduation, she decided not to pursue playing on the LPGA Tour. Instead, Spiranac leveraged her passion for the game and social prowess to build a viable career as an influencer in the sport. Today her circle of influence exceeds 1.5 million followers, more than any LPGA Tour professional.

“PXG is changing the golf industry in a way that is exciting and refreshing,” Spiranac shared. “I believe in the company and its people, and want to be part of what they’re doing. I’m excited to finally say I am a member of the PXG Troops!”

Since entering the market, PXG has incited a step change in the industry. The company invests heavily in research and development and does not prescribe to traditional product cycles. As a result, PXG is renowned for introducing innovative technology and releasing the world’s finest golf clubs.

“As my followers know, I’m always looking for ways to improve my game and have a little more fun on the course,” Spiranac added. “From the first time I swung a PXG club I have wanted to add them to my bag. They feel incredible and the performance really makes a difference.”

As a brand ambassador, Spiranac will be an advocate for PXG’s fans and consumers. She will host a series of Internet videos featuring conversations with PXG’s pros, engineers and founder Bob Parsons. She will also share her experiences on the course and play alongside other golf fanatics on her quest to conquer, or at least manage, the game.

“Paige epitomizes PXG’s customers – passionate golfers who value exceptional equipment,” said Bob Parsons. “She knows who she is and is unapologetic in her efforts to enjoy the game. I think that’s pretty cool and I think our customers will think so too.”

What’s in Paige’s bag?

  • PXG 0811X Driver, 9° with Tensei White 60-s
  • PXG 0341X 3-Wood, 15° with Fujikura Speeder Evo I 661-s
  • PXG 0317X Hybrid, 19° and 22° with Tensei Blue 80-r
  • PXG 0311XF Irons 5-9pw with Steelfiber 70-r
  • PXG 0311T Milled Wedges, Sugar Daddy, 50° and 54° with Steelfiber 70-r
  • PXG 0311T Milled Wedge Zulu, 58° with Steelfiber 70-r
  • PXG Gunboat


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