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PXG Is Pleased To Announce The Launch Of Its Spring/Summer 2022 Apparel Collection

Originalmente publicado:
PXG Spring Summer 2022PXG is pleased to announce the launch of its Spring/Summer 2022 Apparel Line. With an innovative design approach and highly technical detailing, this collection offers a new perspective on the PXG aesthetic.
Spring/Summer 2022 was inspired by the incredible sunrises and sunsets found in Scottsdale, Arizona: The Home of PXG. From hues of orange, to vibrant Arizona Red and Evening Blue, to the classic PXG black and white palette, this line maintains an energetic and unexpected edge. The Spring/Summer 2022 collection is an ode to the core foundation of the brand, while emphasizing a fundamentally modern approach to sport fashion dressing.
Designed with a futuristic and transformable edge, this collection was created with solution dressing at the forefront. Each detail was thoughtfully crafted to create clothing that does the thinking for you, bringing versatility and ease to everyday life. From performance snaps to detachable hoods, and carefully crafted pockets, each unexpected feature is intentional, boosting the aesthetic and ease of wear.
PXG Spring Summer 2022 Sport Fashion“As the PXG Apparel line evolves, our cutting-edge designs develop in tandem. This season is geared towards our future, with modern styles that will captivate golfers and fashion enthusiasts alike.” says President and Executive Creative Director of PXG Apparel Renee Parsons.
The Spring/Summer 2022 season offers a wide array of silhouettes from lifestyle pieces including utilitarian khaki sets, Italian knits, technical raincoats, and trend-driven dresses, to classic golf wear offerings. Clad with flattering and contemporary techno buckles, high-reflective details and intelligent pockets, this futuristic and sleek collection seamlessly amplifies and complements any wardrobe.
As every collection evolves, PXG Apparel’s commitment to sustainability remains a top priority. This season more than half of the collection is sustainably sourced and produced: fabrics made from recycled products, produced in green facilities, including mills and factories, and the inclusion of environmentally friendly and socially responsible trims, are used throughout the line. This devotion to eco-conscious practices is also reflected in our new line of Cactus Leather Handbags, launching December 2021.
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