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PXG In Play: Overcoming Adversity

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Meet PXG Troop Britton Munoz

This article is part of a series dedicated to our #PXGTroops and their love of the game. Each one of these stories is just one example of what inspires us to continue making some of the world’s finest golf equipment.

When it comes to golf, you never know who you are going to meet on the course. One of the many wonders of the sport is its ability to bring together people of different backgrounds and abilities. Britton Munoz is an avid golfer and at first blush his battle on the course appears to be no different than yours or mine. However, Britton is legally blind, and his efforts to get other visually impaired golfers outside and on the course should not be overlooked. In fact, his efforts are awe inspiring and should be celebrated.

The Courage Behind Britton Munoz

Britton, who was already legally blind in one eye, had his other eye harpooned by a police dog while in training, forcing him to retire from the force. This left him feeling down and spending lots of time at home. One day he had an epiphany. Realizing that there were golf courses all around him he decided that he was going to pick up the game.

“I didn’t start golfing until after I became legally blind. Now, when I play, I feel normal. Yes, I need help from my coach, but I feel normal and am treated as such. Also, I get satisfaction in how hard I work to improve my golf game. I am able to beat players with vision!”

The Need for Forgiveness

Britton finds most of his mishits to be behind the ball or off-center, which causes him to lose distance. “I am a competitive, blind golfer, and I need the most forgiving club on the market.”

So, he set out to find irons that offer outstanding forgiveness and enable him to hit the center of the clubface more consistently.

“The only thing I could say when I first hit my PXG 0311 GEN2 SGI Irons was, ‘WOW.’ Everything in golf for me is about feel because I am blind, and I could not believe how fantastic it felt when the ball came of the clubface. Even my off-center hits that hit the toe felt great.”

Taking PXG to the Course

“With my other irons I would shoot between 90 and 94, and sometimes in the high 80s. On Tuesday, August 11, 2020 (one of my first rounds with my PXG Irons) I shot an 83.”

Today, Britton is a fan of the phrase, “he’s not blind,” a common reaction to his striking the golf ball square and spending it down the fairway.

So, What's in Britton's Bag?

  • PXG 0311 GEN2 SGI Irons – 5-G – Regular Flex Mitsubishi MMT 70G Shafts and standard PXG grips

What’s Next?

“I am addicted to golf. My number one goal is to be the number one Blind B2 Golfer in the world. I know I will get there with my hard work, my positive attitude, and all of the support I get.”

What’s your golf goal?

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