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PXG In Play: Our Heroes

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This article is part of a series dedicated to our #PXGTroops and their love of the game. Each one of these stories is just one example of what inspires us to continue making some of the world’s finest golf equipment.…

Remember the traditional nursery rhyme "This Little Piggy?" This is our version with a PXG For Heroes twist:

This PXG Hero Searches for Perfection

“I have been playing golf since I was 11 years old. I have always said that golf is addictive because you always hit one or two shots a round that are perfect, and that constant search for perfection brings you back. That one long putt that saved you par, or maybe even got you a birdie, always brings you back.” - George Brooks

Photo of a bag of PXG Golf Clubs on patio

This PXG Hero Strives for the Best

“I took up golf when I was getting too old and mellow to be a competitive triathlete and volleyball player. I instantly fell in love with the game. Like a U.S. Marine and triathlete, I needed to have the best equipment available to succeed and win. PXG gives me that on the golf course.” - Joel Wintjen

This PXG Hero Seeks Innovation

“I play PXG because of the company’s drive for innovation and technology. PXG strives to bring the best of the best innovation and design to each and every club they produce.” – Brandon Depperschmidt



Photo of a PXG Customer

This PXG Hero Crushed It

"The first time I went and played a round with my PXG clubs I went to a course with some friends in Yelm, Washington. I rarely get on in three on Par 5s, but I hit a great shot with my PXG driver and had 236 yards to go. I have never hit a 3-wood 236 yards, and I just crushed it. I absolutely crushed it and put it about two and a half feet from the hole. And, my first shot with my PXG 3-wood helped me get my first eagle on a Par 5." -Mark Bensen

This PXG Hero Loves Competing Against Himself

“Once I started playing, I loved the idea of competing against myself. You’re always trying to get a better score, especially when you start at 120 and want to drop into the 90s. I really could care less who wins, but I do care about improving myself and, most importantly, having fun.” – Jay Goldberg



Photo of a customers bag of PXG clubs

This PXG Hero Appreciates the Customer Service

“I play PXG because of the customer service, literally THE best I have ever had. My fitter had me so relaxed that I started swinging while talking when I was fitted for my set of PXG 0211 Irons. Later, I ended up ordering a Romeo Wedge, and a few days after I ordered the 0811 X+ Prototype Driver. They added the Romeo to the Prototype order without any issues. My last fitting for a PXG Driving Iron was awesome too. All in all, my experiences with PXG have been second to none.” -Humberto Garcia

This PXG Hero Enjoys the Reactions

“I love the reactions from people on the range and on the course when they see what I’m playing. PXG has turned into the unicorn of golf. Everyone has seen the commercials, and they all know the price, but not many people see them in person, so when they see my bag they are in awe. ” -Geoffrey Jeppson



Photo of a customer pulling a club from his bag of PXG clubs

This PXG Hero Plays to Win

“I love to play golf. With PXG clubs in the bag, I play to win.” – Roberto Martinez Jr.

This PXG Hero Recognizes That PXG Equipment Is for Everyone

“I play PXG because I like the look and feel of the clubs. I also like the response you get when you strike the ball. PXG clubs are very forgiving, and I gain considerable carry distance even on my miss-hits. From the wedges, all the way to the driver, PXG has designed quality clubs not only for the professional player but the everyday golfer.” -Steven Frazier



Photo of a PXG customer holding three of his 0311 XF GEN3 irons

This PXG Hero Lives by the Saying: “You Get What You Pay For”

“I never thought I would own PXG equipment, but as a photographer for 40 years I have found, mostly, that you get what you pay for. I have certainly found that to be true of cameras and lenses and studio equipment. After reading about the process of building PXG clubs I had a hunch it was true of them as well. On a lark (what can it hurt, right?) I set up a fitting with PXG. At the end of our session I was hitting a PXG 7-Iron as far as, and higher than, my current equipment. And the feeling, my goodness there is no way to describe it. The hunch I had ended up being spot on.” -David VanGelder

Why do you play PXG?



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