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PXG Deploys New 0311 X GEN4 Driving Iron

Originalmente publicado:
PXG 0311 GEN4 Driving IronPXG, an international research and development company dedicated to designing the world’s finest golf equipment and apparel, has released its 0311 X® GEN4 Driving Iron. Leveraging PXG’s proprietary GEN4 technology and introducing a new tour-inspired clubhead design, the new driving iron delivers accuracy and distance to keep shots in play on narrow fairways and in adverse weather conditions.
“Our GEN4 Driving Iron is engineered to deliver outstanding performance in the most challenging environments,” said PXG Founder and CEO Bob Parsons. “A slick replacement for a wood when the course calls for it, this driving iron will help you go long and keep it in play.”  
“I absolutely love the 0311 X Driving Iron,” PXG LPGA Tour Professional Linnea Strom shared. “When playing in wind it is a great option for me instead of my hybrid. The ball contact and flight are very consistent. It has the height and spin that I want, and it is easy to hit both off the fairway and the tee.”
Unpacking the technology:
  • The PXG 0311 X GEN4 Driving Iron is five times forged from 8620 soft carbon steel, creating a tight grain structure that increases the material’s strength and enhances feel.
  • The back surface is then milled – a high-precision process that helps create a high-performance body design.
  • PXG XCORTM Technology, a proprietary, highly compressible polymer material developed for use in PXG 0311® GEN4 Irons, supports significant face movement for explosive ball speeds, increased forgiveness, and an unbelievably soft feel at impact.
  • The PXG 0311 X GEN4 Driving Iron also features PXG’s celebrated high-strength ultra-thin face – the thinnest club face in golf, measuring a mere 0.058” thick. Combined with the company’s XCOR Technology, the face delivers unbelievable forgiveness and extremely fast speeds.
  • Precision Weighting Technology in the form of a large weight located near the center-of-gravity on the back of the clubhead enables golfers to experience different swing weights during a fitting for optimal personalized performance.
With a slightly larger clubhead, thin top rail, and minimal offset, the PXG 0311 X GEN4 Driving Iron is fully loaded to promote a low, penetrating ball flight and more control off the tee.
“I use a driving iron when I’m looking for a little more control but am not willing to sacrifice too much distance off the tee,” PGA TOUR Pro James Hahn added. “It’s obviously great in windy and firm conditions but has a lot more to offer than just knee-high bullets into the wind.”
PXG 0311 X GEN4 Driving Irons are available in left and right-handed configurations, as well as a Chrome or Xtreme Dark finish. 
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