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Don't Get Caught Without These Essential Golf Accessories

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Whether you're an avid golfer or you’re new to the game, step onto the first tee with the best golf accessories money can buy! Our #PXGTroops have spoken, and these are the must-have golf accessories that every golfer needs in their bag.



Keep the Greens Pristine

What's a sure-fire way to earn some good golf karma? Repair ball marks on the green. We'll say it again for the folks in the back - "repair your ball marks on the green!"

One of the most important items to have in your golf bag is a divot repair tool. Not only does it fix ball marks and divots, but it'll make your greenkeeper very happy.

Our Battle Ready Single Prong Divot Tool is course superintendent approved and ready to earn you all the good karma!




A Simple Practice Tool
for Every Golfer

Even if you've played golf for years, sometimes it’s hard to judge whether your body is properly aligned to the target. Alignment sticks offer a quick and easy solution to that problem and can help improve your consistency as you practice on the range.

PXG Players Alignment Sticks can be used in a variety of practice drills to improve your aim, swing path, and alignment. Don't forget your stylish alignment stick headcover to keep your new favorite training aid safe and secure in your bag.





Stylish Options
to Stash the Cash

With PXG golf clubs in the bag, you’ll need to stash your winnings in style! Keep your cards and essentials safe and secure with our Jacquard Woven Fairway Camo™ Cash Bag – featuring a main zippered compartment with dual internal slip pockets and an additional external zippered pocket.






For a sleeker option, our lifestyle bi-fold wallet has four card slots and a cash slot to protect your essentials with an edgy style that’ll stand out and hold up for seasons to come.





PXG's Award-Winning Golf Gloves

PXG is known for our groundbreaking innovations in golf club technology. What you may not know is that we’ve also won multiple awards for our golf gloves as well.

100% AAA Cabretta leather is buttery soft, with an ultra-smooth feel that becomes tacky when wet to help you maintain your grip.





The Perfect Sunday Carry Bag

The perfect golf carry bag should be a sturdy, yet light option that can stand up to all your weekend rounds. Most importantly, it should be easy to carry, so all you need to worry about is making that birdie on 18.

Lightweight, versatile, and stylish as all get-out, our Sunday Stand Bag offers an upgraded hip pad for improved comfort.





Rain or Shine -
PXG Has You Covered

Not your average golf umbrella - our umbrellas are over engineered to battle all that mother nature has to offer.

Waterproof (check!), fade resistant (nice!) – ok so we have the basics covered, but check this out – our umbrellas feature a SUNBLOK® coating that keeps UV rays at bay, blocking 96 percent of harmful UNA/UBV rays and reducing the covered temperature by 10 degrees. Our double fiberglass shaft and frame construction is also lightning resistant!





Towel Off

A golf bag towel is a great addition to any golfer’s bag. Keep your clubs dry and clean from the first tee to the 19th hole.

Our microfiber weave waffle towels are machine washable, extremely absorbent, quick drying, and add a little flair to your golf bag.


Are You Ready to Gear Up and Go? Shop PXG Golf Accessories Online or in Store Today!

Check out all of our on-course golf accessories, buy online, or visit your local PXG Retail Store location to find the perfect golf gift or to round out your game.

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