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The Lilac Life: Fashion-Forward Golf Clothes for Men and Women

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Lilac, the signature color chosen for the PXG Spring/Summer 2020 Collection of golf apparel, is perhaps a surprising choice for PXG. Especially given the brand’s traditional black and white color palette. But breaking the mold is in the very DNA of PXG.

Lilac has been taking the fashion and interior design worlds by storm and has recently been dubbed the color of the year by fashion magazines like Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar.

“For the Spring/Summer Collection I wanted something that felt fresh and would inspire confidence on and off the course,” said Renee Parsons, President and Creative Director of PXG Apparel. “Lilac is as fresh as spring itself and adds a playfulness and vitality to PXG’s classic, monochrome color palette.”

The seasonal lilac pieces are perfect for those who relish fresh ideas and choose to live in the moment.

As always, this line of PXG Apparel was created with a laser-focus on detail, and the PXG lilac pieces are offset by white trim for a clean, sophisticated look.

How to wear it: Keep it chic by pairing the lilac pieces with solid white or gray.

No matter how you choose to wear it, you’ll feel and look great in the Spring/Summer Collection and sporting the season’s signature color.

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