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Brooks Nader Is Determined to Make Golf Trendy

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First published:
Jordi Lippe-McGraw - April 25, 2022

The SI Swimsuit model brings style to sport.

When Brooks Nader was dragged into playing golf as a kid by her father, she resisted his efforts. (The SI Swimsuit model was even kicked out of golf camp.) But recently, she has become a fan of the sport.

“My dad was devastated when I didn’t play golf," says Nader. "Then I met my husband, who is a golf fanatic. His parents even live on a golf course. So as a bonding mechanism, I was almost forced into playing golf.”

The 25-year-old entered into doubles matches and realized she was "a bad golfer." So she started taking lessons. Then, as her swing improved, she noticed something else changing: golf fashion.

"Golf style is typically more Lilly Pulitzer and pastels, which is not my style," says Nader. "I believe half the battle with sports is looking cute. Then I found PXG, which is golf apparel for New Yorkers. And once I found the cool golf brand, it gave me a whole new excitement about playing the sport. It's the sexiest, most fun and most performative brand within golf and it’s clothing I wouldn’t mind being paparazzied in."

PXG Apparel was established in 2018 by Renee Parsons to offer customers seasonal sports fashion designs that you can easily transition to a night out. She saw a void in the market for fashionable, flattering apparel for men and women. In fact, she likes to use the term "après golf" to describe the brand’s sense of style.

Beyond discovering some cute clothes, Nader also acquired some custom clubs. "With any sport, I need all the accessories first, then I’ll get into it," she says. "Now that I have my own stuff, sexy clothes and some lessons, I’m excited to hit the course this summer."

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