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What’s It Like Being A Left-Handed Golfer with PXG Golf Clubs

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We asked PXG TOUR Professional Scott Langley and PXG Influencer Kaira Martin, for some advice on playing golf and getting fit for golf clubs as a lefty. Here is what they said:

1. How did you first discover that left-handed golf clubs worked best for you?

“When I was a little kid my parents gave me a right-handed golf club and I didn't know any better I just turned around and started swinging at it left-handed and actually hit the ball with the back of the club. My parent’s kind of looked at each other and they're like well I guess his swing looks pretty natural that way, so I guess he's a lefty.” – Scott Langley

“My dad gave me a two-sided bullseye putter when I was 3 years old and I always putt lefty so he got me a full set of left-handed clubs!” -Kaira Martin

Ahhh… this just took us down memory lane, what would we do without our sweet, golf-centric parents?


2. What has your experience been like when it comes to getting fit for left-handed golf clubs through PXG?

“My experience with PXG and being a left-handed player has been great because they make all the equipment available for right- and left-handed players. It has not always been that way with other companies so it's just nice knowing that I know everything is available to me in the same way that it would be if I was right-handed.” -Scott Langley

“I really enjoyed my club fitting experience and the PXG fitting specialists were very accommodating. I have run into issues at previous club fittings where certain clubs did not come left-handed, so I wasn't able to hit them. PXG had every club for both left- and right-handed players which was amazing.” -Kaira Martin

These two hit it right on the money: We work very hard to make sure all our equipment is available to EVERYONE during a PXG fitting.

Female left handed golfer teeing off with a seven iron.

3. How do course set ups help or hinder your game as a left-handed golfer?

“This question is very golf course dependent. You can be a left-handed golfer and if you hit a fade or a draw, then different courses can fit you in completely different ways. I will generally try and hit a little bit of a fade off the tee, so a course with a lot of dogleg left holes (where the natural shot of the hole requires a little fade) would suit me a little bit better than maybe that right-handed player who curves it the other way typically.” -Scott Langley

Sounds like Hole #1 at Shadow Creek, Sea Island Resort (Seaside), and TPC Deere Run are the ideal way to start a round for Scott Langley on TOUR.

4. What is life on TOUR like for a left-handed golfer?

“Life on TOUR as a lefty is getting more crowded! There are a lot more left-handed golfers who you see these days in the professional ranks and you know our numbers are increasing so it's less weird, I guess, than it used to be.” -Scott Langley

This is what we love to hear. Let’s keep growing these numbers and the game of golf!

5. What advice would you give a golfer looking to get into left-handed golf clubs?

“I would tell any golfer lefty or righty to make sure they get fit for their equipment. There is so much technology available to golfers these days to help them figure out what their best equipment choice is. You no longer have to shoot in the dark and you can really have a very guided process with a qualified fitter, and PXG has no shortage of those. A really nice thing that PXG provides for its customers is PXG fitting specialists and I think people really appreciate the one-on-one fitting process, how advanced that can be, and how much it can help golfers feel that much more confident in what they're buying.” -Scott Langley

“I would tell any golfer to never buy anything without getting fit properly for clubs.” -Kaira Martin

The good news here: We love fitting our customers and we have fitting locations all over the nation to do just that.

Left handed PGA TOUR Pro Scott Langley teeing off with a GEN2 PXG Driver

6. If someone were to ask you if they should golf left-handed or right-handed what would be your answer?

“If someone was considering playing golf left-handed or right-handed, I would do what my parents had me do – and that is just pick up a club and swing it both ways to just see what feels best. You know, if they are in a beginner stage, picking what side of the ball they're going to stand on - you're going to have a natural tendency toward a certain direction that feels more natural. Players can be more predisposed to swing a certain way so give it a shot both ways and see what works better.” -Scott Langley

“Play whichever way is more comfortable for you. There or so many options for both left- and right-handed golfers nowadays that you can play either way.” -Kaira Martin

Soo… when nothing goes right…go left?

7. What is an advantage of being a left-handed golfer?

“An advantage of being a left-handed golfer is that there's still a very small number of players who can come over to me on the range and mess with my clubs and pull them out of my bag and try and hit them (although the number is growing).” -Scott Langley

How does that new Breland song go? “Don’t touch my clubs”… No, that’s not it. Sounds like a PXG remix is brewing.

8. What is your favorite golf tip to give to someone who is a left-handed golfer?

“My favorite golf tip to give anyone is to focus on getting a really good grip on the club. Having your hands placed correctly on the club just makes everything so much easier. It creates this kind of body-to-clubface connection that turns on all your athleticism and all your instincts, which activate the right muscle groups to help you swing the club properly. Righty or lefty, good golf begins with a good grip - just like Ben Hogan said in his famous book.” -Scott Langley

That Ben Hogan guy really knew his stuff.

Get the Best Possible Equipment and Club Fitting Experience at PXG

With all jokes aside, at PXG we want to make the best possible equipment and give the finest fitting experience we possibly can no matter the dexterity. Learn all about our incredible performing, quality equipment and schedule an appointment to get fitted today!

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