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Exploring the Similarities and Differences in PXG 0311 ST GEN4 Blades and 0211 ST Blades

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A PXG 0211 ST iron and 0311 ST GEN4 iron laying on a piece of black slate.

With the launch of PXG 0311 ST GEN4 Blades – advanced golfers now have even a greater choice through the PXG iron line up when it comes to ultimate workability, sound, feel, distance – and price.

As we deep dive into the similarities and differences between our PXG 0211 ST Blades and GEN4 0311 ST Blades, buckle up and prepare for lower launch, higher spin, and more control in your irons.

the toe view of aA PXG 0211 ST iron and 0311 ST GEN4 iron.

PXG 0311 ST GEN4 vs 0211 ST Technology Overview

Head-to-head, these two blades are standout performers. Let’s start with the similarities.

Similarities Between PXG 0211 ST Blades and GEN4 0311 ST Blades

Both the 0211 and GEN4 Blades are triple forged from 8620 soft carbon steel. What that provides is a tighter grain structure that increases the material strength but, importantly, also delivers an enhanced sound and feel.

Yes - you heard us right. We couldn’t put a blade in your hand without that signature bunny- rabbit-soft feel and sweet PXG sound at impact!

At address, you can expect to see a thinner top line and a sleek overall look built for shot shaping and extreme workability. And, as you’d anticipate from any blade bearing the PXG name – you’ll find a sole that cuts through the turf like butter. 

PXG 0311 ST GEN4 iron in Xtreme Dark finish smashing a piece of black slate.


Differences Between PXG 0211 ST Blades and GEN4 0311 ST Blades

So, what are the key differences? Firstly – the price tag.  0211 ST Blades are priced lower than our GEN4 Blades. PXG 0211 ST Blades are a fantastic option for advanced players looking to game a clean, forged blade design at a more accessible price point.

So why the price difference? In addition to a sexy milled back surface and the option to purchase in our gorgeous Xtreme Dark finish, our 0311 ST GEN4 Blades do provide an extra level of personalization during the fitting process.

PXG 0311 ST GEN4 3 iron and 7 irons compared side-by-side showcasing the differences between the long and short irons in the set.


That personalization comes from the introduction of our Perimeter Weighting Technology which allows players to test various head weights during their fitting to fine-tune performance. 

 One final differentiator is a variable blade length offered in the 0311 ST GEN4 Blades. The long irons provide a slightly larger blade length and feature an MOI-boosting cavity. The mid-to-short irons offer progressively smaller blades with a thinner top line that not only suits the eye of many advanced golfers, but aids with shot shaping and feel too.


Get Fitted for PXG Blades Today –Online, Shop in Store, or Over the Phone

 Select and fast fit your preferred PXG blade online, work with our Player Support team at 1.844.PLAY.PXG to get fitted over the phone, or find a PXG fitting location near you.

Never been fitted for golf clubs before? Be sure to check out our fitting guide to know what to expect. Interested in learning more about our different golf irons? Read on in our golf iron buying guide today!

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