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SMU Men’s Golf Coach Jason Enloe: Punch Shot Execution


Hi, my name is Jason Enloe, I'm the head men's golf coach here at SMU. And we're at the beautiful Trinity Forest Golf Club which is the home of SMU golf.  I'm here with one of my great friends and assistant coaches Chris Parra. And we're going to demonstrate a shot today that if you're gonna play in Texas and be successful you really need to have this shot. It's a low trajectory punch shot and here in a minute we're gonna demonstrate with Coach Parra here on how to hit a good one.

So, here we are with Coach Parra and anytime the wind gets up to over about 10 miles an hour we like to have our kids hit a lower trajectory shot that penetrates the wind it. Usually goes a little bit shorter than a full shot. But you have more control and you'll have more control over the curvature of the ball. So, let me show everybody what we teach here at SMU. Coach Parra, the first thing you're going to do is demonstrate a normal stance. That's where he would have his ball position on a normal shot.

And now watch him move it back in his stance to hit this punch shot. Okay, we're going to lead with our hands so set them a little bit forward at impact. And then to combat the back ball position and the starting right ball flight. You're going to want to open your stance a little bit to get the ball going more down your line. Coach give it a hit. Well, he did everything I told him to do and the ball went about half as high as his normal trajectory. And it was about ten feet left of his target. Back here with Coach Parra, you did a great job. Thanks for tuning in, and hopefully this helped your golf game and definitely your win game. Thanks PXG.


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