PXG Tip Tuesday: 0341 Fairway Wood or 0317 Hybrid, Which Is Right For Your Game?


Hi, I’m Ryan Sawyer, National Sales Manager here at PXG. Today we’re gonna to be talking about the difference between a 19-Degree hybrid and a 5 Wood. We offer all kinds of clubs here at PXG but we’re ultimately trying to help you find your ball flight.

With the 5-wood, we’re searching for a player who needs more ball flight, little bit higher and a little bit softer in the green. With the 19-Degree hybrid, we’re looking for a player who wants to flight the golf ball more, but also hits down on the golf ball.

If you're a picker of the golf ball and who needs to get the golf ball higher in the air, try the 5-Wood. If you’d like to flight your golf ball a little bit better and you feel like you hit down on it, typically a better iron player, you’re gonna want to try the hybrid.

These ultimately will go roughly the same distance, but they’ll get there two different ways. The hybrid will get there a little flatter. The 5-Wood will come in a litter higher and softer.


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