Billy Horschel: Pre-round Warmups


Hey guys Billy Horschel here. I'm here at PXG headquarters, a pretty amazing place they have here, but what I'm here for then we gave you some fitness tips hopefully to get you warmed up before a round of golf. I also do a little strength stuff, too, to you know build when you're off the golf course, but for me when I'm warming up there's a couple certain areas that I know my body specifically needs to be warm. My shoulders need to be warm, my hips need to be mobile enough those are two areas I struggle a lot with.

So, you can do it with the golf club but with stretching pole it would be better. You know you can get down here, get into a position to get a little hip hinge in here and you're just gonna lean and into it a little bit. You're gonna feel it stretch to the shoulders the last little bit.

You can sort of lean for the one side a little bit and get a little better stretch in the lats. Next thing for me is the hips. So you know just a little lateral lunge sort of works on helps stabilize the leg but also you know with another hip pinch type deal loading into left side or right side if they're on your golf. Or so you can go to the left I like this come back up.

Do a couple of those just work on our, you know you're also stretching you're inside your leg here your abductors. And so those are two things I do there's obviously more stuff I do in the gym but you know two basic things I do to really focus on my shoulders and my hips. 


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