Published: 08/16/2021

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Curious what loft and lie are in golf and how they affect your game? We’re giving you an inside access pass to the PXG Tour Truck! Learn from two of our PXG club builders about the benefits of getting the right loft and lie specs for your swing, plus learn a little bit about how we keep PXG Troops like Jason Kokrak dialed in with the right loft and lie club specs.

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Video Transcript

Joel Kribel

At PXG as a custom club builder, one of the things we want to make sure we get is all the players specifications right. Now whether that’s our PGA tour staff or general public, we want to make sure the loft and lie are correct on all these guys’ clubs. So lie angle, when the club’s too upright, it’s going to face this way a little bit and the backspin is going to be going to the left for a right-hander. If the club gets too flat, it’ll sit this way and that backspin will turn the left to right spin, and the ball will go off to the right. So our guys will come in, a guy like Jason Kokrak, he’ll check his loft and lie every single week to make sure that it’s right on where he needs it to be.

Anthony Gagliano

And like you said, with Jason, he checks them every single week. He actually plays his clubs about two degrees upright. So I’m checking lie and loft here, lies just a little flat. So I’m going to go ahead and bend it upright just a touch. Our irons are super soft, and they bend really easy. Check that lie angle again. Perfect. Get them set, ready to go. And when he’s got his lie angles and lofts on point, it’s how he goes out and wins his tournaments.

Joel Kribel

And that’s what you can expect when you get clubs from PXG.

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