How to a Hit Low-Flight Iron Shot

Published: 11/03/2021

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Having a tough time shaping low ball flight shots with your irons? You’re in luck! We’ve got PXG TOUR Player Danny Lee here to walk you through his unique (and really easy!) way of hitting a low-flighted iron shot. Watch and learn this simple three-step  technique and be well on your way to finding better control in your ball flight in a variety of course and weather conditions alike.

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Video Transcript

Danny Lee:

I do it a little differently than what other players do. I mean, I put the ball more in the middle position, but I try to shut the club face a little bit and move the hand forward this way. So I don’t actually have to try to adjust at the impact. I always like to come back to where I started. So if I set it up at this way, it’s already been de-lofted, and all I’ve got to do is come back to this position. So it gives you the less loft at your impact though it will give you the lower trajectory ball flight when you hit it.

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