Published: 06/08/2022

Categories: Videos, PXG Clubs, PXG Swing Tips


Hey guys, Christina Ricci. If you want more pars, let’s make sure you’re selecting a land spot to land your ball for shots around the green. I find that most players attempt to do it, but then just when they’re over the ball and they take the club back, they focus on the flag. So, then the ball lands at the flag and rolls on by. So, you really got to understand the rollout for the club that you’re using. A sand wedge is going to have less rollout than, say, a pitching wedge. Rollout is once it lands, how much does it roll? So, you really got to select your land spots based on the rollout and the lay of the land.

The other factor is it’s a down slope, so the ball’s not going to go very high here. This is a tough shot. I’m going to aim more, a little left there, because I know the slope goes that way. I highly recommend if you have a chances to go down to the green, when you first get here and walk backwards so you can really see where you got to land it.

All right, I’ll take it. All right. That’s a tough shot. Now, I’m left with an uphill putt. All right. I want to put this leaf where I’m going to land it. Hopefully, it won’t blow away. It probably will. All right. So, I’m going to land it in that general area.

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