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Published: 07/12/2018

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Video Transcript

Three years in the making – PXG 0311 GEN2 irons are the best irons we’ve ever made. Not only are they better than what you might be playing now, they are better in every way. We left nothing on the table. Designed everything in painstaking detail, with extreme performance as our only measure of success, and we delivered. PXG GEN2 irons deliver faster ball speed, higher launch, higher peak altitude, a steeper descent angle, more distance, more forgiveness, outstanding accuracy, better turf interaction and an amazing sound and feel.

PXG 0311 GEN2 irons start with forged 8620 carbon steel, material twice as strong as our GEN1 irons, for enhanced aesthetics and durability over time. Then we utilized our game-changing COR2 technology to create a more efficient energy transfer, increasing ball speed, while significantly improving distance and accuracy. The injection-molded hollow body iron cavity with PXG COR2 technology also dampens vibrations, making the sound and feel unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. Our internal face perimeter cutout design produces a larger sweet spot and creates a sizable trampoline effect for the COR2 material to react. Making even your mis-hits a whole lot straighter and sweeter to maximize performance and deliver extreme forgiveness, our COR2 technology and updated internal face design are combined with the industry’s thinnest clubface and our signature perimeter weighting technology.

Available in four collections: Tour, Players, Xtreme Forgiveness, and Super Game Improvement. PXG, 0311 GEN2 irons provide options for every golfer, regardless of skill level. And through a professional club fitting all four collections can be blended seamlessly to ensure you get the most from every iron in the bag. Schedule a GEN2 irons fitting and experience the quality, innovation and performance for yourself. PXG. Nobody makes golf clubs the way we do. Period.

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