Billy Horschel Golf Tip – Re-Find Your Swing Mid Round

Published: 01/23/2018

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Video Transcript

Hey guys, Billy Horschel here. Here at PXG headquarters in one of the hitting bays and the fitting bays that they have here. When you come and get fitted for clubs you can come here they’ve got everything you could have ever imagined to get fitted.

So, what I’m going to show you right now is you know there was always days when you go out and you want to hit the golf ball perfectly. And we have days where it is like that but other days you’re a little off. So, for me when I’m off you know things that I focus on, when I’m off is trying to hit little three-quarter shots control my golf ball, you know, take an extra club like I said three-quarter shots. So, I’m not swinging nearly as hard. Get back to controlling the golf ball get back to finding that face.

So I’ll show you what I do. So let’s say you know I got like 150 yards to the hole which would be a 9-iron normally for me. But if I’m struggling with you know my swing, I’m not hitting it nearly solid I’m gonna take an 8-iron. I’m gonna choke down a little bit on it. Probably staying just a little bit closer to it and all I’m gonna do is about 9 o’clock to 9 o’clock. I’m sort of saying a chipping motion but it’s a little bit more of a chipping motion and that’s just gonna allow me to really control my ball flight. Control the flight of it, being in control of the golf ball which is the name of the game.

So try this if you’re struggling on the golf course at times with your ball strike and controlling where the ball is going.

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