Anna Rawson: How to Hit a Power Draw

Published: 11/06/2018

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Video Transcript

I’m Anna Rawson, and today I’m all about how to crush the power draw. For this shot I’ll be using the PXG 0811X Driver.

First off, you want to address the ball with inside tilt. This will prevent over the top path and help hit up on the ball.

Check your grip. I see so many amateurs with weak grips. Make sure your left thumb is on the right side of the shaft, then you need to have a closed stance with your shoulders and feet aligned to the right edge of the fairway.

Now you’re ready to swing down your shoulder line, keeping your head behind the ball creating that beautiful inside-out arc. Then watch and see as you crush it right to left down the fairway.

Let’s face it. Getting those extra yards means everything. Follow these steps, and you’ll be smashing power draws all day long. Until next time, I’m Anna Rawson for PXG.

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