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Published: 11/14/2018

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Video Transcript

Bob Parsons: Hi, I’m Bob Parsons and standing in for Paige, here’s Anna Rawson – former LPGA player, professional model. Didn’t you just get an MBA from Columbia University?

Anna Rawson: That’s correct.

Bob Parsons: What are you doing here??

Anna Rawson: For what you’re paying me, I have no idea.

Bob Parsons: Wait a minute, she’s getting paid? Who’s paying her? All right.

Anna Rawson: Welcome to Episode 5 of the PXG Files.

Bob: And welcome to the blog, Anna! Today I want to get started by talking about the reintroduction of our original game-changing irons to GEN1 0311 irons.

Anna: The golf club that put PXG on the map!

Bob: Or, as we like to say today “the 2ND best iron on the market. The absolute best iron on the market is our new GEN2s. This makes GEN1 2nd best but still outstanding. So Anna, following the incredible success of our GEN2 Irons, we decided to make our legacy product, the GEN1 Irons available to a wider audience, at a very special price.

Anna: A warning to all the golfers out there, once you start playing PXG clubs, you will never want to swing anything else.

Bob: That’s what you play, right?

Anna: Exactly.

Bob: Now, through a slick online fitting tool built by our club engineers and fitting sizes experts, you can purchase GEN1 Irons at Everything is then custom built by hand to your personal specs, black-boxed, and delivered right to your door.

Anna: I’ve tried it. It does an amazing job of putting you in the exact, right clubs you need but some people are nervous about getting fitted online.

Bob: Well, I can understand that considering the fitting tools that I’ve seen online, but we back up every fitting, whether it’s in person or on the website. If, within a reasonable amount of time, you need a spec check or changes, call us and we’ll get you scheduled with a PXG master fitter to get you dialed in. Now, speaking of irons, I have a question for you Anna. Do you know who over the last three years, has the number one best-selling iron provided on golf courses all over the US?

Anna: Hmmm…let me guess. PXG!

Bob: Oh, you got that right sister. For a company that’s only a little more than three years old, that’s not half-bad, Anna?

Anna: It’s amazing! Should we say it together?

Bob: Yeah. Three, two, one…KABOOM, BABY! Next up, we just opened our first standalone store in the U.S. – PXG Chicago. It’s a beautiful space in suburban Northbrook with two state-of-the-art fitting studios, a putting green and a retail studio.

Anna: The place looks fantastic!

Bob: It is. You know, our in-person fitting, purchasing experience is very special. It’s important to us that clients get the highest quality clubs, with the industry’s best customer experience and the most beautifully designed environment possible. And PXG Chicago certainly does that.

Anna: Can you still buy the GEN1 Irons there?

Bob: Oh, absolutely.

Anna: How about through your PXG master fitters all over the US, Canada and the UK?

Bob: GEN1 Irons and GEN2 Irons are available through our master fitters. Just call 1.844.PLAY.PXG, that’s 1.844.PLAY.PXG or visit to schedule a custom fitting for any of the clubs we sell.

Bob: And now the dreaded mean social media comment section of our video blog. You know Anna I’ve taken fire on most of the video blogs we’ve done so far. I think since this is your first video blog, Anna you wanna take one for the team?

Anna: No. This comment was found on a media interview, with you. We’ll redact the username to protect the not-so-innocent of course. The comments says “After watching this, Parsons reminds me of Chris Farley in ‘Tommy Boy’”.

Bob: Haha. Well, I didn’t eat paint chips as a kid, or at least not a lot of ‘em, but I did fail the fifth grade Anna. Nobody can take that away from me. Besides, I love that movie and Chris Farley and to quote one of my favorite lines in the movie. “Hey, does this shirt make me look fat?”

Anna: No, no, no. Your face does.

Bob: I think you’re gonna fit right in here. Speaking of social media, if you follow me on Instagram @drbobparsons, I’m giving away some cool stuff from time to time. I did a Name-the-Hole at Scottsdale National Golf Club contest. The winner who submitted the name BOOM TOWN, took home a set of custom GEN1 0311 irons.

Anna: Wait, your Instagram handle is @drbobparsons. Are you a real doctor?

Bob: What do you think?

Anna: Nope.

Bob: Well you got that one right. Well, that’s a wrap for this episode with the PXG Files with Bob & Anna. Thanks for watching and…


Bob: You done? See ya next time!

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