Published: 08/03/2021

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Need help controlling your fade off the tee? Look no further as PXG Ambassador Anna Rawson gives three simple tips to help you fine tune your swing and, more importantly, find more fairways.

Video Transcript

Okay. Let’s talk about how we hit a fade. So for me, this is a little bit tougher because my predominant ball flight is a draw, so it’s something that I work on a lot on the range. And so, the three things that I really think about are, number one, I want more of a neutral grip. So, instead of having more of a draw grip, the left-hand’s over. I kind of keep it a little bit more neutral. The second thing is, when I tend to the draw, I’m more tucked with my elbow under. I want to be more neutral, aligned this way with my shoulders. And then the third thing I think about is coming almost over the top of the ball, so I tend to come more inside. So now, all really think about, is just coming over the top and finishing high.

So, those are the three things I think about. Let’s see how I do. More neutral grip. Okay, keeping this steady here and then…

That’s how you smash a fade.

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