Published: 08/03/2020

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This article is part of a series dedicated to our #PXGTroops and their love of the game. Each one of these stories is just one example of what inspires us to continue making some of world’s finest golf equipment.


For Wanda French-Brown, golf isn’t a pastime, it’s a pursuit. A pursuit of scratch. Patent litigator by trade, Wanda knows a thing or two about the value of innovation and technology. And in her journey to scratch golf, she demands nothing but the best.

PXG’s high-performance golf clubs are the tools she believes will help her get there. “While the road to scratch golf has been long and at times frustrating, playing PXG clubs makes my journey not only more enjoyable but also, more importantly, conceivable.”


When asked what sparked her love of the game, Wanda offered, “Golf fuels my type-A personality. The challenges of becoming a great ball striker is what first attracted me to golf. However, the unexpected benefits of golf have been the friendships and connections made while playing.”

“Golf brings people from diverse backgrounds together. During a round of golf, you and your playing partners have one solidary and common goal – to beat the course and go low. To that end, it is ‘us’ against the course, and during this moment, you do not think about personal or political differences, you just want each other to play well. I have become acquainted with many golfers with very diverse backgrounds and we probably would not have otherwise crossed paths.”



Since adding PXG clubs to her bag, Wanda has lots of great golf stories. The most recent one occurred when, “for the first time, I birdied the 18th hole on the Banks Course at Forsgate Country Club. A birdie on the 18th hole is rare even for the most skilled golfer. The 18th hole, known as Purgatory, is the hardest Par 4 on the course. It has a sloped, elevated green with a false front and is protected by two 15-feet deep, massively wide bunkers on each side. My playing partners have never witnessed any golfer make a birdie on the 18th hole. Of course, drinks were on me after that birdie.”

Helping golfers find success on the course is what keeps our engineers focused, our resources unencumbered, and our patent count growing. Today, PXG has nearly 400 patents for our innovative designs and serves golfers around the globe as they seek to go low and have more fun.

What’s in your bag?

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