A cutting-edge high-MOI mallet-style putter, the Drone is 100% precision-milled from 6061 aerospace grade aluminum creating exact geometries that aid in alignment and provide for a refined appearance. The body, being made of a low-density material and coupled with the high-density tungsten weights, provides extreme perimeter weighting to support its high moment of inertia. This makes the Drone exceptionally forgiving, solid feeling and stable – even on miss-hit putts.

The Drone features a unique alignment concept that uses titanium weights down the center and tungsten weights along the perimeter to help the golfer align his or her putt correctly and consistently. The weights also serve the purpose of optimizing the head weight for an individual during a professional fitting.

The Drone utilizes a single bend shaft to create a face balanced hang angle with a full shaft of offset. This hang angle is best suited for a stroke with minimal face rotation.

The Drone has been played on tour by Sadena Parks.

The Drone is named after an unmanned aircraft or ship that can navigate autonomously.


  • High-MOI mallet design
  • Head material – 6061 aerospace grade aluminum
  • 100% milled
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