Players Iron

For golfers at every level of the game, the original PXG 0311 Irons provide an ideal balance of forgiveness and performance.

Head Size & Offset

Moderately sized, blade-style head design with moderate offset.

Sole Design

Moderate sole width creates an extremely balanced club for a wide range of attack angles.

Vibration Dampening

Medium internal cavity injected with TPE offers an ideal balance of feel and forgiveness.


TPE Technology

TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) is a low-density, vibration dampening material that enhances a club’s sound and feel. TPE also adds structural stability to the club’s face and help produce a more efficient energy transfer.

World's Thinnest Face

The face is formed from ultra-thin HT1770 high-strength maraging steel that measures just 1.5mm thick, about the thickness of a penny. The weight saved by using a thin face allows more mass to be positioned in areas of the club head that help to optimize launch conditions and MOI.

Perimeter Weighted Technology

The CNC milling process removes a significant amount of mass from the center of the hollow-bodied club. High-density, tungsten alloy weights, strategically positioned around the perimeter of the club head add mass to help increase MOI and create optimal launch conditions.

Forged Alloys

The body is forged from S25C soft carbon steel. Forged materials, having a tight grain structure, resonate differently than cast materials which adds to an outstanding impact experience.


Club Loft Lie Length (Inches) Bounce Offset (Inches)
3 19° 60.5° 39½ 5 0.26
4 21.5° 61° 38 6 0.225
5 24° 61.5° 38¼ 7 0.195
6 27° 62° 37 8 0.17
7 31° 62.5° 37 9 0.135
8 35° 63° 36½ 10 0.105
9 40° 63.5° 36 11 0.08
W 45° 64° 35¾ 12 0.06
G 50° 64° 35½ 12 0.05
S 55° 64° 35¼ 12 0.04
L 60° 64° 35 10 0.03

  • High MOI
  • Excellent Workability
  • Incredibly Forgiving
  • Outstanding Distance
  • Exceptional Sound & Feel


PXG clubs are customized and built to maximize performance on the course and increase your enjoyment of the game. Let a PXG Fitting Specialist “dial in” your PXG clubs at a course near you.

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