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Special Edition PXG Fairway Camo Wedges

Originally Published:
PXG Limited Edition Fairway Camo Forged Wedge.

Our PXG 0311 Forged Wedges offer a traditional and highly versatile sole designed to perform well in all types of grass and course conditions. We decided to take our outstanding 0311 Forged Wedges to the next level with custom laser engraving. These new Special Edition Fairway Camo™ Wedges are custom laser engraved using a complex micro-annealing laser process. Only available in right-handed 60° loft, step your wedge game up with this unique design.

Where to buy PXG Fairway Camo Wedges

Available in PXG retail locations and from PXG Fitting Specialists, in person and over-the-phone - give us a call at 1-844-PLAY-PXG.

While supplies last - Only a small number of this wedge design will be available for purchase.

PXG 0311 Forged Wedges

If you’re not obsessed with your wedges, you’re playing the wrong ones. Our PXG 0311 Forged Wedges are expertly designed to help you own your short game from any lie. Technology benefits include triple forged 8620 soft carbon steel using compressive forces and our proprietary weighting system to gain confidence around the greens.

Fairway Camo Design

These Special Edition Fairway Camo Wedges feature our signature Fairway Camo design. PXG’s Fairway Camo pattern is no ordinary camouflage. The one-of-a-kind design is inspired by the pristine, wide-open fairways found at Scottsdale National Golf Club. To create the pattern, PXG Designer Aaron Marohl considered drone footage and aerial maps of the three courses. He noted the contouring of the fairways and considered how they might come together. Marohl was able to scale, rotate, and overlap the shapes to create a design that is as unique and compelling as Scottsdale National itself.

PXG Paratrooper Blue Fairway Camo Polo on a male model

Laser Process

Our commitment to innovation and engineering took no loss when it came to customizing these Fairway Camo Wedges. To achieve this detailed design, we used a micro-annealing laser process. This process includes a laser with varying wavelengths and frequencies applied to the visible layer of metal on the backside surface of the wedge. Due to high temperatures, the laser heats the metal just short of boiling point to produce the appearance of different annealing colors. These colors depend on the temperature at which the metal is heated - creating the multi-color design features of our Special Edition Fairway Camo Wedges. Due to the established annealing process, the metal remains completely intact, long-lasting, and resistant to abrasion - ultimately not affecting the equipment's performance.

From Fairway to Runway

Take your game one step further with our PXG Apparel styles featuring our classic Fairway Camo Design. A PXG Troops’ favorite print has emerged with even more style options in our latest Spring/Summer 2021 Collection. The Collection presents an expanded selection of men’s and women’s polos and pullovers featuring the camo bold design - including our seasonal Paratrooper Blue signature color. Shop the Spring/Summer 2021 Apparel Collection here.


Schedule Your Wedge Fitting

PXG Fairway Camo wedges are available in the U.S. only, while supplies last.

Find your nearest PXG retail location to schedule your fitting:

Find a fitting location near you.

Call Player Support at 1-844-PLAY-PXG

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