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Renee’s 2021 PXG Style Guide

Originally Published:

For Spring/Summer 2021, we designed a collection that feels hopeful, confident, and positive. We have expanded our offerings and introduced new categories, while incorporating the bold and modern approach that is synonymous with PXG. With more than 80 styles, we have continued to grow our collections each season.

Male and Female golfer on the course posing in PXG apparel.

Using quality, high-performance materials with fashion-forward designs, this season includes the integration of functional quick-dry and SPF fabrications. Each piece of this collection has been meticulously designed with the same innovative attention to detail that we put into creating our golf clubs.

Previously, travel and art have been my main sources of inspiration when designing a collection. With travel having been restricted this year, I have found inspiration through my home of Arizona. I have witnessed incredible adaptability from our communities as we have had to adjust to a new normal. This has not only inspired us to create a collection that reflects confidence and resilience but has also influenced new designs that include soft and easy fabrics. This collection features sport fashion that is not only performative for golf but will take you seamlessly through the rest of your day.

Female model in studio sporting comfortable PXG attire

Arizona was a source of inspiration from a community standpoint and from a nature perspective as well. The incredible natural hues greatly influenced the color palette for this collection. From pinks and peaches to vibrant blues and greys- the main color of our season is “Paratrooper Blue.” This elegant blue is hopeful, tranquil, and reassuring, making it the perfect color for “Soaring into Spring.”

One of my favorite new pieces is the Varsity V-Neck Cardigan. It is an update of a classic design, which features delicate threadwork, hidden snap buttons, and a fitted, stretchy wool knit blend fabric. This Cardigan stays true to the monochromatic and modern characteristics that are the signature design elements of PXG.

Female model in studio wearing a PXG cardigan with black and white attire

Another favorite from this collection is the men’s Fairway Camo Polo. This piece is available in a comfort or athletic fit and three colors: light gray, dark gray, and “Paratrooper Blue.” The Fairway Camo, a customer favorite, is a custom print we first introduced in 2020, and is inspired by aerial imagery captured of the fairways at Scottsdale National Golf Club.

Shop the PXG Spring/Summer 2021 Collection here.

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