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PXG In Play: The Inspiration

Originally Published:

This article is part of a series dedicated to our #PXGTroops and their love of the game. Each one of these stories is just one example of what inspires us to continue making some of the world’s finest golf equipment.

Patti Valero, a retired firefighter/EMT from Fire Rescue Station 30 in Hillsborough County, Florida, dedicated her life to helping save others. Little did she know that later in life golf would save her.

The Inspiration Behind Patti

In 2009, a block from her home, Patti was riding her motorcycle when a drunk driver hit her with his truck while driving in the wrong direction. This accident forced the amputation of her left leg below her knee. At the time, Patti had aspirations to become a professional bowler, but because she was a right-handed athlete, which requires you to have incredible stability in your left leg, she soon realized she would not be able to bowl the way that she had.

Through this life-changing transition Patti found golf.

The Ultimate Reward

Patti has now been playing golf for four years. At first, she barrowed clubs and decided she was not going to buy herself her own set of equipment until she felt she “deserved them.” Her goal was to start playing consistently and playing to a pre-determined target score on a more regular basis. Once she felt that she had accomplished this, after making the USA Para-Golf Team, she slowly started incorporating PXG clubs into her bag.


"I don't know if it's the clubs that are making my score lower or if my overall game is coming together. Hey, it's working."

Taking PXG to the Course

“Whenever I strike my PXGs, the sound, distance, and control are never overlooked by others. They are quick to ask what I am using.”

Saved by Golf

After retiring from Fire Rescue, Patti believes that golf saved her and filled a void she never thought possible. "I found that there are many parallels between golf and the fire service, so it was a perfect fit. Golf restored hope, purpose, and great pride in myself. I found that I was no longer trying to hide my disability but embrace it." She has also helped others by answering their questions and sharing the techniques that work for her. "People are actually listening to me. After winning a few major tournaments, it gave me a voice that others want to hear."

So, What's in Patti's Bag?

  • PXG 0811 10.5 prototype Driver with a 55-gram regular flex Aldila shaft and standard Lamkin grip
  • PXG 0341 GEN2 3-Wood with a Fujikura Pro 2.0 5-Regular shaft and standard Lamkin grip
  • PXG 0317 X GEN2 17-degree Hybrid with a 50i Accra regular shaft and standard Lamkin grip
  • PXG 0311 GEN3 P 4 iron - gap
  • PXG Sugar Daddy Wedges, 54 and 58 degree with a Mitsubishi 70-gram regular flex shaft and Lamkin standard grip
  • PXG Battle Ready One & Done Putter with a Stability Tour shaft and standard PURE grips grip

What’s Next?

Patti is a proud member of our PXG for Heroes Squad and is looking forward to playing in tournaments with her full set of PXG clubs.

What’s in your bag?

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