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PXG in Play: His & Her Story

Originally Published:

Meet #PXGTroops Gary & Tia Beyers

This article is part of a series dedicated to our #PXGTroops and their love of the game. Each one of these stories is just one example of what inspires us to continue making some of the world’s finest golf equipment.

Gary & Tia Beyers: Their PXG Love Story

Gary and Tia set out to buy a pair of PXG putters but quickly realized that putters alone were not going to cut it. After a three-hour fitting session, they ordered two full bags of PXG clubs. Driver to putter, they were all in.

But it was more than the fitting experience and performance gains that sealed the deal - it was the PXG story and people. “From Bob Parsons to everyone at PXG … it is like being part of the family … recognition to military, veterans, and first responders … all reasons as to why we play PXG.”

“Making everyone at our club jealous is a bonus too.”

The Drive

For Gary and Tia golf presents a constant challenge and is an opportunity to pursue excellence and epic shots like a tour pro. And, it is an escape. “With everything going on in the world today, golf is an escape from reality, outside, with good people. You only have to worry about one thing and that’s the next shot.”


So, What’s in Gary & Tia’s Bags?

Gary Beyers

Tia Beyers

The Feeling You Get Playing PXG

Since adding PXG golf clubs to their bags, some of Gary and Tia’s favorite memories from the course include double takes and drooling. “Right after we received our clubs, my wife and I came out of the pro shop after checking in and we had about eight folks standing around our cart drooling all over our full sets of PXGs.”

They also recall pulling up to the bag drop at The Quarry in San Antonio. “The bag boys came up and opened the back of our car. The looks on their faces were like ‘Oh WOW.’ After we parked our car and came back, the marshal asked if we were affiliated with PXG in any way.”

Standing out and being part of an elite brand is an amazing feeling. It is a feeling shared by #PXGTroops around the globe because owning a set of PXG clubs says something about you. It says you value quality, innovation, and performance. And above all, you believe in having a good time on the course.

So Where to Next?

Tia has been on a long personal journey, recently kicking cancer’s ass. (Heck yah!) So, cancer free and with her favorite golf partner in tow, she looks forward to traveling the world to experience new and varied golf courses.

When asked where to next, Tia shared that they have their sights set on Baha Mar in the Bahamas where they wouldn’t have to travel with their clubs because the resort offers PXG rental sets.

Dazante Bay in Baja, Mexico is on their bucket list, as is Scottsdale National Golf Club – The Bad Little Nine topping their list of courses to conquer. “This one would be our ULTIMATE, the most EPIC golf destination.”

We feel the same way!

What’s in your bag?

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