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PXG for Heroes, Two Years’ Strong & Growing

Originally Published:

At PXG, we don’t just sell golf clubs (Although we do a ton of that, too!). Our true passion is in helping people take their golf game to the next level. One of our favorite ways to do that is to get the world’s finest golf equipment in the hands of the nation’s finest ­– our veterans and first responders.

Entrepreneur, philanthropist, and PXG founder Bob Parsons credits his success in life and business to his time in the United States Marine Corps. He served at the height of Vietnam War and was wounded in action.

Once a Marine, always a Marine, Bob has never questioned whether he should honor his brothers and sisters in arms through is ventures. His only query … how? That’s why we started the PXG for Heroes program.


Thank You For Your Service

The PXG for Heroes program is our small way of saying “thank you” to the men and women of the United States Marine Corps, Army, Navy, Air Force, and Coast Guard. Under Bob’s direction and the leadership of PXG Special Director, Marine Corps Colonel (Retired) Kevin Hudson, the program represents the best price point available for the purchase of PXG clubs, apparel, and accessories.

Two years into the program, with more than 178,000 clubs in play, PXG for Heroes is helping veterans enjoy the greatest game ever played – a game that is as therapeutic as it is demanding and rewarding.

Read on to learn more about the program and how you can get in on the action (if you’ve got the right credentials).

At Its Core

When the PXG For Heroes program first launched, it was limited to military veterans from all branches of service. The response was huge! And, we learned a lot.

We recognized that golf and the traditions of the game not only support the values learned in a military setting, but also provide a positive environment for mental and physical wellness.

“As a wounded veteran, golf has saved my life and kept me positive, moving me forward every time I tee it up,” PXG Squad member Cpl. Chad Pfeifer, U.S. Army shared.

Through camaraderie and competition, and with the best tools to attack the course, we learned that golf helps motivate and heal.

This inspired us to do more.

Branching Out

We realized that there were other heroes who deserved access to the world’s finest equipment ­­as well – our brave first responders. Heck, most of them are veterans too! So, we extended our special pricing to law enforcement, firefighters, and EMTs.

Making it Easy

We know that veterans and first responders understand the importance of having the best equipment in their arsenal. That is why we are committed to making it easy and convenient to get verified, test drive, and purchase PXG’s game-changing golf clubs.

All current and past U.S. military and first responders are eligible. Eligibility is verified online using It’s as easy as a gimme putt. No hoops to jump through, cards to carry or paperwork to provide. Additionally, we are pleased to present 24 PXG locations on military courses across the country where golfers can test drive our technology on the range or on the course.

Our Commitment

PXG will always have your six on the golf course. Verify your eligibility for the PXG for Heroes program today!

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