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PXG Apparel - Not Your Average Golf Attire

Originally Published:

Made to fit your life … wherever life may take you.

President and Creative Director of PXG Apparel, Renee Parsons, describes her personal style as classic with a bit of an edge. A fitting description for PXG’s Spring/Summer 2020 golf apparel as well. The women’s and men’s collections deliver a full range of golf course staples that feature bold prints, impeccable tailoring, and high-performance material.

The Process

Like any fashion house, the process starts with a sketch and an extensive search for the finest, high-performance fabric. From there we move to technical drawings and 3D modeling to further define the silhouette and garment details. Then, we bring each piece to life through sampling. We need to see how the materials move and how each garment fits before initiating rigorous testing for quality. If, and only if, a piece stands up to our standards for design and durability it will be green-lit for production.

What Sets Our Golf Apparel Apart

Our approach sets us apart. We deliver form and function designed to take you through your day – each piece helping inspire confidence and comfort. From the golf course to the first course, confidence is, after all, the best accessory (with the possible exception of our Classic Leather Duffel – so sleek you can literally take it anywhere).

Pieces to Look For

Here are a few of our other favorite pieces that seamlessly transition from the golf course to … well, wherever your day may lead.

Men’s Essential Golf Polo

This piece features a jacquard woven pattern and intricate back detailing. These details enhance mobility and add a luxurious texture, elevating the traditional golf polo. Pair with jeans for a casual dinner or add a blazer for Fridays in the office or your next video conference.

Women’s Essential Leggings

Move over diamonds, a great pair of leggings are the modern woman’s best friend. Comfortable and flattering, PXG’s ready-to-wear Essential Leggings can be dressed down for sport or paired with a jacket and heels for a night on the town.

Reimagined Staples

Each piece in the collection can be creatively styled to fit your individual look and a variety of occasions. Fashion influencer and model Emily J. Powell shows us how easily a PXG golf cap and basic tee can be transformed into chic streetwear.

If you need a little more inspiration on how to wear PXG, check out some of our golf apparel style tips.

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