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PXG Ambassador Gary Player Celebrates 85 Years Young!

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A legend. An entertainer. And a true gentleman. PXG Ambassador, Gary Player is turning 85 years young.

Gary’s life, accomplishments, and adventures are record breaking, fascinating, and always heart-warming. Whether he’s sharing his favorite memories from championship wins, sharing his short game secrets, or challenging us to a sit up competition - he never ceases to amaze us with his energy, enthusiasm, and passion for this crazy game we all love.

So how do you help the most successful international golfer of all time celebrate a landmark birthday? Well, as one might expect, Gary has some big goals! But this year, he has chosen to deflect attention from himself, in the name of a cause that is near and dear to the Player family.

“I’m truly blessed to be celebrating my 85th birthday tomorrow – thank you for all the kind messages this week. My birthday wish this year is to continue the fight against cancer and to further support the work being done around new research and treatment methods. As you know, my family has had various battles against cancer, as many families have or will have. So, for my birthday, here’s my one wish: please consider donating to Golf Fights Cancer, a great organization helping mobilize the golf community in the fight against this horrible disease. You can make a donation of $8.50 in honor of my 85th birthday, or give any amount you’re able to, large or small – every bit makes a difference. I so appreciate anyone’s willingness to take part in this fight. My dream is that by the time my great-grandchildren reach their 85th birthdays, the world will have entirely new, cutting edge ways to treat, and ultimately defeat, cancer. Thank you.”

In honor of legendary golfer Gary Player’s 85th birthday on November 1st, Gary is encouraging golfers, other athletes, celebrities, and fans to band together to continue the fight against cancer with a donation to Golf Fights Cancer. Gary’s dedication to supporting patients, new research, and treatment methods stems from various diagnoses throughout The Player Family, including Mrs. Player, who continues her fight against the disease today. To show your support – record a “Happy Birthday” selfie video to share on social media. Wish Gary a happy birthday and be sure to mention your support of Golf Fights Cancer in his honor. Tag in your friends to help boost Gary’s challenge!

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